The latest statistics about the growth and reach of online video offer convincing proof of its potential for marketing purposes.

According to a recent infographic from, “2015: The year of video marketing,” 78% of people say they watch online videos weekly, and 55% watch them daily. Of these video viewers, 65% watch more than three-quarters of a video once they’ve started.

Think online video is big now? Just wait. Experts predict that by 2018, nearly 80% of overall consumer Internet traffic will involve online video. Video already rules the mobile world: Half of mobile traffic is now made up of online video, and that percentage is sure to rise substantially as mobile becomes the predominant means of accessing the Internet.
Of course, video advertising for your dealership and the latest news clip, viral sensation, or funny cat video are very different things. Advertising videos may have at one time been novel enough that the average user would sit through just because they were still marveling at being able to access a more interactive, user choice–oriented viewing medium than television. But those days are gone, so effective video marketing in 2015 has to cater to current viewing habits, more discerning tastes, and as always, the public’s collective short attention span.

Hand 2 Eye offers complete production for corporate, promotional, product and training, trade show and events and high quality web video for social media and Youtube. We produce video that informs and entertains. Your story is compelling and it should be superbly told, entertaining while it educates, engaging your viewers and communicating your message. Adding video to your website can increase traffic to your business and raise your search engine rankings.

Hand 2 Eye Media is a Hamilton-based video production company, producing video that includes special events, corporate videos, promotional videos, web videos (Youtube) and social media. As filmmakrs and storytellers, we create one-of-a-kind, documentary style, marketing videos that effectively tell your story across multiple channels. Hand 2 Eye is your complete solution for your video production needs, we worry about the details to make sure you look your best on camera.

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