The basic definition for web design entails creating and building a website for a specific purpose.

This involves conceiving, planning, implementing and tweaking, all with a definite goal in mind. Design covers the overall look of the website as well as the individual pages. Coding, appearance, and function are included in this definition as well. There are many elements to consider when managing web design. These include:

  • The user interface, or how visitors to your site will be able to view and interact with the various webpages and functions of your site.
  • The visual elements, including styles, graphics, color, and layout.
  • The site structure, or the elements controlled by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming parameters put in place.

A web design team can include a variety of different people. Information architects, graphic artists, programming authors, user interface and marketing specialists, and more. Before you get into the specific design of your own website, think about everything that goes into it.

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