It is in the web development stage in which the actual website is created. It is at this stage in which our Ottawa web designer will create all the graphic elements from the prototype and use them for the creation of functional website. Typically, this is done by developing home page first followed by shell or layout of the other website pages. This shell will serve as template for website’s content.

After creation of the shell, the designer will take the website content then distribute it through the appropriate areas of the website. Elements such as banners, live chat, interactive contact forms, and e-commerce shopping carts are thus implemented and tested to ensure that they function well at this stage. During this time, the designer will continue making available your in-progress website so that you can view it, and you can suggest any additional corrections or changes that you feel are necessary.

On technical front, a proper understanding of the front-end development of website involves writing CSS/XHTML code which complies with the current website standards, which maximizes functionally and allows accessibility by large audience and search engines. This will be tested in the next step to ensure that it is properly in place.

Generally, you should work very closely with your Ottawa web designer if you want to maintain the good look and feel of your website. The line of communication between you and your website designer must be open all the time. If you require assistance in re-designing your website or designing your website from scratch, make sure to call the Ottawa web design team at Salient Marketing at (613) 627-3926 or email us at

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