It is at this stage in which our Ottawa web designer will attend to all the final details of the website and test it to ensure that it is functioning properly. Some of the things that will be tested include form testing and other scripts functionality. There will also be testing for the last minute issues of compatibility such as seeing how the website performs when viewed at different web browsers. In other words, your website will be tested to ensure that it’s fully optimized for easy viewing in the latest versions of web browsers.

Good website designers must be well versed and informed about the current website development and design standards. The basic technologies which are presently used are CSS and XHTML. As part of the testing process, our designer checks to ensure that all the codes that were written for client’s website validate well. Valid code basically means that your website has met the current standards of web development. This is particularly important when you are checking for cross browser compatibility and other related issues.

When you approve the job that the designers have done, they can now deliver the website. A program known as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used for uploading website files to the server. Salient Marketing also offers registration of domain names as well as web hosting services. After setting up these accounts and the website has been successfully uploaded to the server, our website designers will provide one last check. This just a precautionary measure which is done so as to conform, that all the necessary files have been correctly uploaded and that the site is still fully functional. This will mark the official website launch.

Generally, you should work very closely with your Ottawa web designer if you want to maintain the good look and feel of your website. The line of communication between you and your website designer must be open all the time. If you require assistance in re-designing your website or designing your website from scratch, make sure to call the Ottawa web design team at Salient Marketing at (613) 627-3926 or email us at

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