By use of the information which was gathered in the information gathering phase, we can develop plan for your website. This is the point in which development of site map or site architecture is required. Site map refers to a list of site’s main topic areas and sub-topics where applicable. This will service as guide for your visitors and readers, and is vital for the development of easy to understand, consistent navigational system.

The website’s end user, in other words the customer, must always be kept in mind when the website is being designed. After all, these are the people who will learn about the services that you offer and buy your products or services. It must have a good user interface which makes it easy to navigate through the website, and this is the basis for planning. During the phase of planning, our Ottawa web design specialist will help you to make the decision on the technologies which must be implemented. Elements such as graphics, e-commerce, live chat and interactive forms are usually discussed when your Ottawa website design is being planned.

Generally, you should work very closely with your Ottawa web designer if you want to maintain the good look and feel of your website. The line of communication between you and your website designer must be open all the time. If you require assistance in re-designing your website or designing your website from scratch, make sure to call the Ottawa web design team at Salient Marketing at (613) 627-3926 or email us at

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