This is the first step of creating a successful website. Our Ottawa web designers must first gather information. There are many things that have to be considered if the website design is bring out the website feel and look that you need. The first and most important step is gaining a solid understanding of what your company does. We must understand what you do, as well as your business dreams and goals, and how they can utilize theses so as to help you realize your goals and objectives. Our web designers begin by asking several questions that will help them understand not only your business but also what you actually need in the website. Some of the things that need to be considered include the following:

Purpose: what is your website purpose? Do you want to use it for promotion service, providing information, or selling service?

Goals: what do you want to achieve by building your website? The goals could be to share information, make money, etc.

Target audience: is there some particular group or target market can help you realize your goals? Its’ very important that you have in mind the ideal persons that you want to attract them to visit your website. You can consider interests, sex, age, and other factors because these will help determine your best website design style.

Content: what kind or nature of information will the target audience be searching for when they visit your website? Will they be looking for online ordering, or some particular service or product?

Generally, you should work very closely with your Ottawa web designer if you want to maintain the good look and feel of your website. The line of communication between you and your website designer must be open all the time. If you require assistance in re-designing your website or designing your website from scratch, make sure to call the Ottawa web design team at Salient Marketing at (613) 627-3926 or email us at

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