Social media marketing is essential for businesses wanting to establish an online presence, advertise services, and increase brand awareness

Given the popularity of social media platforms, it is more common for users expect companies to seek out engagement opportunities through social media. Not only does this provide a way for users to gain valuable information about a company, it allows them to provide feedback and engage with other consumers and representatives of the company in a public forum. When managed correctly, a social media presence can significantly increase positive brand awareness.


At Salient Marketing in Ottawa, our clients know they can rely on our social marketing strategies to help them:

  • Increase their brand awareness, both online and in the local community
  • Generate website traffic
  • Increase the amount of quality leads
  • Raise the level of interactions with consumers and potential customers
  • Discover who their customers are and why they seek these services

Salient Marketing offers a variety of social media marketing strategies for our clients in Ottawa and on the web:

  • We optimize your social media profile to reflect your mission, goals, and focus, all with an eye towards what users in your industry want to see.
  • We manage your content by creating quality material, posting on platforms, and optimizing all content to encourage the type of traffic you want to generate as a client.
  • We know how to combine organic and paid ads to optimize your social media advertising goals. These strategies are very helpful on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • We build your audience through a variety of contests and usability testing strategies. Our Ottawa clients have seen the benefit of these A-B styled tests, which create higher brand awareness and a significant boost in traffic to your website.

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