Welcome to your guide on the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO). We will be covering how you should write better anchor text copy.

Suitable anchor text makes it easy to convey the contents linked

Anchor text informs users and Google’s search engine about the page that is being linked. It is the clickable text placed within the anchor tag <a href=”…”></a>. Links can be either internal or external, pointing to links within your site or others. Relevant anchor text gives Google and users the information they need to figure out what your page is about.


Make anchor text easy to understand to keep it relevant to users and search engines.

  • Choose descriptive text
    Specific anchor text used for a link should include information about the page content that appeals to both users and search engines.
    • Avoid:
      • Vague anchor text such as “article,” “page,” or “click here”
      • Text that is irrelevant to the content of the page
      • Except in specific situations, avoid using the URL of the webpage as anchor text
  • Write concise text
    Keep text creative but to the point. A short phrase or a few words is all that’s needed.
    • Avoid:
      • Making anchor text long or irrelevant
  • Format links so they’re easy to spot
    Distinguish your regular text from your anchor text. If users don’t know what links to click, they may overlook them or click them by accident.
    • Avoid:
      • Using similar formatting with regular and anchor text so it is difficult to distinguish.
  • Think about anchor text for internal links too
    Properly managing your internal anchor text will ensure that users and Google can navigate your website more successfully. Internal links can make your site more user-friendly and will appeal to visitors.
    • Avoid:
      • Using long anchor text stuffed with keywords just to appeal to search engines
      • Creating links that make site navigation complex rather than simple and straightforward

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