Welcome to your guide on the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO). We will be covering how you should use heading tags.

Use heading tags to emphasize important Text

Unlike HTTP headers or the <head> HTML tag, heading tags are intended to create a sense of structure to users reading a page. With six different options for sizes, heading tags go from most important to least important, or from <h1> up to <h6>.

These heading tags are used to differentiate meaning between sections of text. For example, a large text heading may indicate something that is especially useful to readers of the page. It can also be used to direct attention to the following section to let users know what type of content is going to follow. These heading indicators will allow users to navigate the page more easily.


Use your heading tags wisely in order to call your user’s attention to the right content at the right time!

  • Imagine you’re writing an outline
    Main points and sub-points should be outlined before you get too deep into the content. This will help you organize the content properly and assign the right heading tags throughout.
  • Avoid:
  • Irrelevant heading tag text that doesn’t contribute to a strong page structure
  • Using heading tags in the wrong location. Other tags, such as <em> and <strong> can serve a better purpose in certain sections.
  • Changing heading tag sizes randomly causing a chaotic look on the page


  • Use headings sparingly across the page
    Heading tags should be used for the purpose they were intended. Don’t overuse them and make it more difficult for users to follow the flow of the page. Too many heading tags used in the wrong places can confuse the reader.

    • Avoid:
      • Using too many heading tags on the page
      • Using a heading tag for all of the page content
      • Skipping the structural purpose of heading tags and opting only for style changes


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