Welcome to your guide on the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO). We will be covering how you can promote your website in the right ways on an on-going basis.

About increasing backlinks with an intention to increase the value of the site

When it comes to building the reputation of your website, slow and steady is usually the best method for establishing a strong presence on the web. As you create worthwhile content and that content is seen by a wider audience, your visibility in search engines will increase, along with your ranking. Good promotion techniques can contribute to a quicker boost in website popularity, but overdoing any marketing recommendation can backfire, making it more difficult to maintain a strong site in the long run.

Master making announcements via blogs and being recognized online

Online announcements are a dime a dozen these days, and many of them offer little in the way of value to the average consumer. In order to stand out from the crowd and provide your potential customers with relevant information, consider writing blog posts when you have a new service to offer or content to share. If you connect with other webmasters who find value in your announcement, your story will spread.

While you may find it easier to focus on your digital presence at times, taking offline promotion into account can be a rewarding endeavour. Add a website URL to your business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials and mailings. Postal mail newsletters can also drive traffic to your website in a somewhat unconventional way.

Make sure your business information is updated on Google Places, which will give consumers another avenue to search for information about your company. If you have additional questions about promoting your business in your local community, the Webmaster Help Center can provide assistance.


It takes time to build a reputation online. Put the effort into networking and establishing relationships the same way you do with your local customers. It’s also important to connect online with people in your community.

  • Know about social media sites
    Social media sharing can achieve great results if utilized correctly. Providing a platform for user interaction allows users to develop a personal connection with your product or service.
  • Avoid:
  • Promoting everything, big or small, in the same manner. Save your biggest reveals for the best content and services.
  • Artificially promoting your site using rank-boosting schemes


  • Reach out to those in your site’s related community
    Don’t be afraid to expand your connection with sites similar to yours. Teaming up and communicating openly with potential partners may spark ideas that can benefit the entire community.
  • Avoid:
  • Sending too many link requests to related sites; respectful inquiry is key
  • Prioritizing page rank over website traffic


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 If you are struggling with your SEO:

  • Determining if you need to be on search engines
  • Getting found on search engines
  • Getting phone calls and emails leads from your web site
  • Where to start with your web site

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