Welcome to your ultimate SEO guide. We will discuss how the “description” meta tag should be used.


Summaries can be defined for each page.

The description meta tag on your page summarizes the page content to a search engine. The title will include only a few words, but the description meta tag can be anything from a single sentence to a short paragraph. Using Google Webmaster Tools to analyze your content will give you a good grasp on how your description meta tags will perform. The tools can tell you if the tag is too short, too long, or is heavily duplicated. The description meta tag is placed in the same place as the <title> tag, in the <head> tag of the HTML document.

same place as the <title> tag, in the <head> tag of the HTML document.

What are the merits of description meta tags?

Description meta tags are essential to SEO. If Google does not use a section of page content for its search, it may use a meta tag instead, which means that the more relevant it is to your content and the user’s search, the more likely it is to rank high.

If your site is listed in the Open Directory Project, Google may also use this description. Description meta tags are important elements to add to each individual page of your website. This ensures that the search still finds your site even if Google is unable to find a relevant text snippet.

Each search word that matches the snippet is bolded. This is intended to help the user quickly identify whether or not the content is relevant to the search.


Description meta tags are essential for relaying a brief summary of your page content to search engines and users.

  • Accurately summarize the page’s content

Your descriptions should be attention-grabbing and informational in order to appeal to a user who may be looking at your result in a search.

  • Avoid:
    • Description meta tags that are irrelevant to the content on your web page
    • Vague generalizations about your content such as “Page about comic books”
    • Including only keywords and no context
    • Copying and pasting your full document into the description meta tag
  • Use unique descriptions for each page

Distinct description meta tags on each page of your website is essential for guiding search engines and users to the content they want. If you have thousands or millions of pages, individual description meta tags are best achieved with an automatic generator that focuses on each page’s content. This will ensure that multiple pages will be displayed separately in a search engine.

  • Avoid:
    • Duplicated description meta tags on each page of your site

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