The most important aspect of a good website revolves around the content.

Your search engine ranking strategy won’t matter if you don’t have the content users want to see when they reach your site. The best way to attract an audience and keep them coming back for more is to create high quality content that is authoritative in nature. Great content, combined with effective SEO strategy, will help drive traffic to your website and keep visitors returning.

There are several different methods of creating content that may work for you. Depending on your industry and the traffic you are hoping to attract, you need to know what type of content will appeal to your audience. If you want to establish your site as a valuable resource through which users enhance their knowledge, an authoritative article is better than a less formal blog post. The first step towards effective content creation is determining what your goals are for your website. Then we can help you create a comprehensive strategy for moving forward.

At Salient Marketing, we can help you create:

    • Blog posts: We offer a variety of blogging management services focused on creating engaging content your readers want to see. Blogs should not only attract users, but should encourage them to interact and take a personal interest in your website and brand.
    • Authority articles: Salient Marketing has experience in helping our clients create authoritative articles designed to raise your reputation in the online community. If your website is considered a valuable resource for users, they will return and spread the word to others.
    • Linkbait: Linkbait strategies require more than just getting people to click on your site. We can provide a customized plan for creating content people want to see, appealing to the right people, and driving traffic to your site so they can view it. We will also help you prepare you site for increased traffic from this type of marketing campaign.
    • Optimized press releases: Optimized press releases will increase your visibility in search engines and get the right kind of attention focused on your business.
    • Optimized content: Optimizing your content is vital to competitive keyword strategies. We can review your existing content and offer solutions for optimization, as well as write, or help you create, fully optimized new content to add to your site.


    For a full list of Salient Marketing’s services, contact us today and let us show you how we can help your business.

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