Even local, homegrown customers want to know that the businesses they frequent are keeping up with the times. Our Ottawa clients value the technological expertise we bring to our marketing services, and Live Chat is just one way we can help our clients succeed.

While one of the first steps you’ll take in establishing your digital presence is a carefully crafted website, you also want to make sure that you are ready to communicate with your potential customers in a way they expect. Live Chat provides an immediate method for customer communication. Many visitors to your website may see a phone number or an email and attempt to contact you that way, but most consumers want information quickly. If they aren’t able to call and don’t want to wait for an email, a Live Chat option will give them what they want without the wait.

Live Chat can:

  • Increase conversions: Sometimes the difference between a sale and a lost customer is the answer to a simple question. Be there when your customers need you, and your conversions will increase.
  • Boosts average order value: When you can make direct contact with a customer considering a purchase, you have the opportunity to suggest other products or services, which studies show lead to a 55% boost in sales.
  • Reduces abandonment on product or sales pages: Live Chat prevents high bounce rates by offering immediate assistance to any potential customer. When visitors find the answers they need, they are more likely to follow through with a purchase.

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