Email might seem boring or irrelevant in the modern age of social media, but statistics show it is still number one at generating consumer interest and revenue.

The best part about opt-in email lists is that you know potential customers have already reached out to you. All you have to do is reach back with a service or product they need. Creating a fully optimized email campaign is essential.

  1. Use a Newsletter Service

Professional and inexpensive options exist for creating successful newsletters. Find a service that is mobile-optimized and can give you the customization tools you want for your newsletter. Professional services can provide detailed contact list management and analytics which will help you manage your campaign effectively and track your results.

  1. Test Your Subject Lines

Email subject lines are important. If your subscribers don’t like what they see in that first sentence, they are unlikely to read the rest of the message. Find an email service that allows testing so you can track the effectiveness of your subject lines.

  1. Personalize Your Message

No subscriber wants to read an email that looks like it came from a drone. Personalized details let your customer feel valued and let them know that their subscription is appreciated. Even a simple, “Dear John” instead of “Dear Customer” can make a difference in reception.

  1. Segment Your Emails

Most professional email services allow you the option of splitting your contact list into smaller groups, which means you don’t have to send the same email to every person on it. The more you know about your customers, the more you can send emails that target them and their interests on a personal level. If you’re sending out an email about sports, you don’t want to send football helmet coupons to a baseball lover. Figure out what your customers want to see and find a way to provide it.

  1. Reduce Text and Optimize Calls to Action

Your subscribers are used to making quick decisions about the content they read. If it doesn’t seem interesting within the first few lines, chances are they’re going to keep going. Make your messages relevant and your calls to action clear. Make sure subscribers know exactly what you’re asking and get to the point quickly. The simpler it is for them to respond, the more likely they are to do so.

  1. Provide Visually Interesting Campaigns

HTML email marketing is most successful when it is paired with custom designs and images. Make it appealing from the moment your subscribers look at it, and they will spend some more time figuring out what you have to offer. Make the design simple, but engaging, and your readers will follow through.

  1. Provide Means for Social Sharing

Social sharing buttons ensure that your subscribers can relay their thoughts about your product or service, expanding your reach to new customers. Studies show that social sharing buttons offer a significant boost to click-through rates, so don’t neglect this simple and helpful avenue for increasing brand recognition.

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