Changing Your Address and SEO Rankings

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Relocating your business is a major undertaking.  In all of the disruption, don’t overlook SEO changes to make sure your clients and potential customers can still find you easily and quickly.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Update your website – First on the agenda is to be sure all changes are completed in a timely manner.
  • Close previous Google listing – Locate your operation and mark that old address as closed.  Check the address of your new site and find out who was there before you and make sure their listing is also marked closed.
  • Address inside Google My Business – Update your information in “Google My Business” and be sure the pin marker is in the correct place.
  • Embed a map – After Google Plus is changed, be sure to embed a map of your new location.
  • Update Everyone else – Notify your bank, the phone company, cable provider, and the Government.  If you are part of any local or national associations or groups, be sure to let them know your new location.  In the months prior to your move, keep a running list of those companies you deal with on a regular basis and then take a little time to review those groups that you may only contact once or twice a year.  There will be less chance that you will overlook some critical element.
  • Photos – Get new street views and inside pictures.

While it is likely that you will experience a drop in ranking because of the move, by completing these tasks promptly, it should decrease any loss of revenue through confusing information on the internet.