The Advantages of Online Advertising

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Marketing companies are finding internet advertising as an advantageous opportunity.  Beyond the ability to take advantage of emerging technology, there are a number of reasons this prospect is valuable and profitable.

Target Audience – The internet provides new and specific methods to reach a target audience.  It includes the traditional elements of demographics, geography, and consumer psychology.  It also allows the Ottawa Marketing Agency to aim for specific regions, electronic devices, and even time of day.

Tracking – Using banner ads means an opportunity to measure the response to a specific ad.  Websites and blogs identify users with brand preference associated with interests.  All of this will translate into more potential customers and chances to convert to sales.

Availability – Online advertising is available at the discretion of the user.  It pops up at any time of the day or night that the user is logged on and actively seeking information.  A marketing campaign has the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the demographic dynamic or even to current events.  Changes are implemented within hours versus a traditional ad campaign that will take weeks or months to hit traditional media sources.  It is as adaptable as the web platform it is on.

Appeal – The Ottawa Marketing Agency has the flexibility to attract potential customers with the use of brand names and firm identifiers that are simply not possible with traditional marketing efforts.

Flexibility – Online advertising is flexible enough to integrate with other promotion activities and programs.  Banner ads highlight themes also found in television and print ads.  Contests or special events are highlighted and changed quickly.  It is easily integrated with conventional and equally successful campaigns.