There are a few basic elements every good video blog should contain.

If you have been vlogging for a while but haven’t had much success, or if you’re hoping to branch out into vlogging for the first time, pay attention to these tips:


Your vlog viewers are watching because they believe you have something of value to share. While you should do your best to connect with viewers on a personal level, that doesn’t mean a rambling, disorganized video is what people want. Aim for quality over quantity and offer original and authoritative content that appeals to your viewers.


Even great content will be ignored if the images in the video are distracting. Good lighting, clear images, and good quality video go a long way to keeping the viewers happy.


Viewers want to hear what you’re saying. If your audio quality is poor or there are numerous distracting noises in the background, it will be difficult for viewers to focus on you.


You may have a lot to say, but viewers are less likely to sit through a long video than they are a short one. Keep your vlogs short, sweet, and relevant to the viewer. Shorter videos are more likely to be shared, and it will keep viewers coming back again and again.