Website Designers

We are all about beautiful, simple, clean web design

Our Ottawa web design company is very well staffed with experienced web designers and web developers. We are experts in designing, developing, maintaining and testing web sites. Our web designers are well trained and highly capable in:

The Salient Marketing web design team is also comprised of highly creative, skillful, knowledgeable, artistic, and experienced professionals. Our ability to design can easily be seen and evaluated by simply reviewing our company portfolio, and you will be able to see our amazing, highly impressive designs. Our highly creative staff use their talents to help your business realize its goals through the web.

At Salient Marketing we are always up to date with the latest emerging technologies. Thus, we are always updating our ability and knowledge to ensure that we keep track of all the latest emerging trends and technologies in web design industry. We make use of the latest, most advanced web applications and tools so as to ensure that we develop and design only websites which are leading edge. We are very proud of our web design and web development team, which are simply the some of the best in the industry, and it’s our responsibility to prove that they are truly on top of their game.