Marketing Your Site

You’ve put a lot of hard work into making your website a perfect place for people to find you.

Now it’s time to let them know you’re here. There are several basic marketing techniques that can help you maximize the exposure of your new website.

Put your URL on all stationary and packaging

No matter what type of material is going out your door, your website should be included on it. Add your URL to letterhead, business cards, packing slips, invoices, marketing collateral, press releases, and all advertising materials. Add it to labels wrapping paper, shipping cartons, and any other shipping containers that can tell people who you are and where to find you.

Include your URL in your e-mail signature block

Every email coming from your business should include your new URL in your signature. A simple email to a colleague, to another business, or to a potential customer gives you the ability to spread the word about your URL. Don’t miss a simple opportunity to let people know you have something new to offer.

Use calls to action in your text

Calls to action are instructions that tell visitors to your website you want them to follow through on something. It could be asking them to click a link to a free download, leave an email address, or share a post. Whatever it is, ask your visitors directly. Website users appreciate the simple instructions that allow them to help out someone they like, or get something in return.

Collect customer testimonials

Your customer testimonials are the best way to show potential customers that your current clientele is happy with your services. Add the testimonials to relevant parts of your site so new visitors can see why people support your business.

Conduct a link campaign

Start by doing extensive research about your competitors and your own inbound links. Using keywords and phrases that relate to your industry, as well as industry-specific directories, vendors, and professional associations, you can find a host of related sites that can provide authoritative inbound links.

While finding inbound links can be time-consuming, it is an easy and free way to generate traffic and boost your search engine rankings. Start by breaking your search up into a reasonable number each week. Eventually the practice will pay off.

Tell a friend

Tell a Friend is a viral marketing technique that allows visitors to your website email other people and tell them about your services. This is a simple and free script that can help your loyal customers spread the word about your business.

Take advantage of free Google and Yahoo! local services and coupons

Local consumers in Ottawa typically go to the web first when looking for a new service or product. Listing your business information, along with your logo and coupon offerings, is free on both Google and Yahoo! search engines. While this may not significantly boost your website and business traffic, your presence in these search engines increases your brand awareness and may lead to new customers.