Custom vs Template Sites

There are pros and cons to both custom and template website designs.

When it comes time to figure out what choice is best for you and your business, let the web design specialists at Salient Marketing guide you through the options.

Custom Website Design

Custom solutions are best for businesses who know exactly what they want and have the budget and the timeline to achieve it. Custom sites build everything from the ground up – graphics, functions, architecture or navigational structure, and administrative back-end can be designed specifically to your tailor-made tastes. Custom sites also have the benefit of providing extensive features for SEO, social media integration, and analytics that can make your site a success.

Template Websites

Small businesses or individuals who have more simple requirements can do well with a template website. If you need a website soon, you have a limited budget, or you can do without a lot of bells and whistles, a pre-made template can provide you a quick and expensive method of launching a website. While there are fewer choices for customization, most templates still allow changes to color, graphics, font, and layout that can be tweaked in some ways.


Custom websites provide you a platform to realize your vision and offer extensive flexibility, but pre-made templates can be a great option for many businesses. WordPress can offer a nice temporary option for those who want to stick a toe in the water of website design. You can start off simple and add more customizable and complex content and design at a later date.

If you want more information about Customized or Template Website designs, contact Salient Marketing today!