Professional Networking

LinkedIn is one social media platform geared specifically towards professionals and businesses. Unlike many of the other platforms, which encourage light hearted humor and casual banter, LinkedIn prides itself on professionality and business networking. Businesses can greatly increase their visibility online by appealing to professional companies who participate in the online community. The diversity of contacts you can make will have a significant impact on your ability to make new professional partnerships and reach new clientele.

Unique Networking Opportunities

Approximately 5.5 million users take advantage of LinkedIn’s professional networking opportunities. You can make connections to other businesses and potential customers in the local Ottawa region as well as with individuals and companies all over the world.

 LinkedIn offers both free and paid memberships, as well as paid marketing options to give your campaign more visibility on the platform. Depending on your needs, Salient Marketing is prepared to provide you a customized social marketing plan that will allow to capitalize on LinkedIn’s unique networking opportunities. We will help you build your business profile and list of followers, as well as manage your interactions with Groups and other members on the platform. If you want to discover how Salient Marketing can help you optimize your LinkedIn presence and create a dynamic marketing campaign, contact us today!