Advertising with YouTube

Video is an essential tool for businesses in the modern era. Whether for conferencing, training, or advertising, companies can appeal to a much wider audience by taking advantage of the video tool provided by Google through YouTube. As the first, and most popular of video platforms, YouTube includes everything from playful cats to technical training seminars.

Perhaps the most promising feature offered by YouTube is its ability to work several different concepts into a single marketing message. Images, text, and banner can all be included to create a comprehensive marketing device sure to please a wide audience. YouTube, as a part of Google, also brings tools like Search Console and AdWords into the mix to ensure your all of your messages are fully optimized.

YouTube works by allowing businesses to relate to consumers through interactive media. Whether you are trying to reach a nationwide audience or want to display your services to the local Ottawa community, YouTube appeals to a broad range of customers. We can help you utilize YouTube in a way that increases your brand recognition and lets you reach out to your target audience in a medium with which they are comfortable.

In order to keep consumers coming back to your service again and again, you need to stay present in their thoughts. A single campaign designed to catch the attention of potential customers can be repurposed with reminder ads and other effective marketing techniques. These strategies are most helpful when appealing to those who may not have been convinced to purchase a service or product during an initial visit to the website.


Conversion rates can increase up to 300% when this method is employed properly. Standard efforts are the backbone of any marketing campaign, but follow-ups show individuals that you are interested in the services they want, and you want to be the company that meets their needs.

Banner ads have been a common tool in the last two decades that proved beneficial to marketing campaigns. While conversions from banner ads have decreased in recent years, new technology, such as cookie tracking, increases the likelihood that remarketed and retargeted ads will reach their mark and provide a boost in conversions.


When these ads are modified to appeal to consumers more effectively, click-through rates show a marked improvement. At Salient Marketing in Ottawa, we know just what it takes to remarket your campaign so it will appeal to a wider audience. Using the content originally included in your ads, we will change it to enhance the creativity and reach of your campaign to appeal to Ottawa consumers.

Our Ottawa clients know that Salient Marketing delivers what it promises. Our commitment to quality and cost-effective remarketing campaigns allows us to repurpose your ads for maximum target reach, ultimately leading to an increased click-through-rate (CTR).


A comprehensive marketing campaign entails conversion analytics, tracking, and bid rate management. We structure these services to stay within your budget and give you the best ROI. As part of your total campaign, we will provide the following services:


  • Testing the ads to find the best option to increase your CTRs. We will implement combination testing to change the cookie lengths in different time frames from 7 to 30 days and 30 to 60 days.
  • Frequency testing allows us to track visits to your web by different individuals within a set time frame.
  • We test the bid structure to measure the shares produced by each user.
  • We test the landing page for specific traffic patterns. By knowing who has visited your page before, we can test whether or not different pages within the website appeal more effectively to them and which ones will increase the conversion rate.


Testing is a vital part of any remarketing or retargeting campaign. We can help you find the right message and get it to the right audience. We know how to develop the information your potential consumers will want to see, and we can help you get it to them when they need it. For questions about how Salient Marketing can make these strategies work for you, contact us today!