While SEO services on Yahoo! are primarily based on Google’s website ranking techniques, it’s important to differentiate between the search engine particularities of each separate search engine.

Search engine optimization on Yahoo!, Bing, and Google follow many of the same guidelines and all take into account proper selection of keywords. However, the algorithm responsible for ranking on each search engine places greater emphasis on some factors than on others. Understanding the difference between these factors is essential in good SEO.

As on Google, it takes time to establish a positive position in the search engine ranking system. BITmarketing allows us to guide you through each modification of your website, all with the intention of customizing it to the algorithms of each search engine. Once this hard work pays off and your website is at the top of the list in search engine ranking, we will continue to monitor and tweak the formula as needed to make sure it stays there.

Signing up for the Yahoo! directory will also have a positive effect on your search engine visibility.

In order to better monitor your website ranking in the search engine, we provide you a monthly Yahoo! positions report.

Extensive analysis is required to provide you the best information about our services. Once we understand what you need, we will deliver a personalized proposal that describes what we can do for you and an estimated cost of services. A monthly charge will be established once we agree on the best way to assist you.