Keyword Research

Keyword Research allows us to reduce the number of available keywords so we can choose the most relevant and compelling keywords for your site. In narrowing this list, we research:

It is important to break down the intent behind the search. For example, when a user searches “benefits of life insurance,” we can assume the purpose of the search is to gather information. If a user was to search “compare life insurance premiums,” it is more likely that the search reflects a desire to purchase. More general phrasing, such as the simple “life insurance,” cannot be properly categorized, since the intention of the search is unclear. In examining various keywords and phrases, we should focus on the first two types of searches, as they allow for the opportunity to teach and generate sales inquiries from users.

It is important to discover which keywords are high-volume and are more likely to lead to traffic and conversions.  Low-volume keywords are rarely worth the effort to optimize. In certain circumstances, a certain low-volume keyword may offer the opportunity to make a large sale. Researching keywords properly can help determine the cost-effectiveness of each keyword optimization strategy.

The best roadmap to a future marketing strategy starts with analyzing the effectiveness of the current strategy. Once the current Google ranking position is determined, an examination of each keyword ranking is necessary. Strategically sound and high ranking keywords can be built into a new marketing campaign, while low ranking keywords or those that prove too vague for adequate conversions, can be modified or eliminated.

This tool allows us to determine the difficulty of ranking specific keywords. The more difficult it is to rank, the more expensive SEO will be. It is important to establish a campaign that relies on cost-effective keyword optimization as part of its overall strategy.

Using this data allows us to calculate how well your current SEO strategy is working with regard to organic searches. We can use it to see how many total impressions your site pages have received.

Good SEO takes time to provide the best results. At the start of any marketing campaign, it is important to recognize the obvious keywords that will give your site a quick boost. These early ‘wins’ are essential to SEO.