Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is consistently ranking higher in the search engine popularity contest.

Since Bing is still new to the search engine game, many of its requirements differ from the norm found on Google. SEO for Bing focuses more on a website that is informational and relevant to the search audience.

This specialized optimization for Bing raises a variety of questions for those not familiar with the new format. Bing ranks pages higher when they offer valuable and original content targeted to the right audience. The code in your web pages should be well-built to ensure that search engine crawlers and browsers can read the content. Another major factor impacting rank on Bing’s search engine is the quality and authority of your inbound links.

Domain age is another element of Bing’s ranking factors that can have a major impact on your website’s visibility. Purchasing an old domain name with a relevant title will provide a definitive boost to your Bing ranking.

Links are important to SEO. While Google largely dismisses the importance of outbound links, Bing prizes them. Quality anchor text, as well as the number of inbound links on each page will have an effect on your ranking. Managing your links properly is essential when it comes to ranking high on Bing’s search engine.

When it comes to blogging, Bing takes a somewhat dismissive approach. If you want your blog to stand out in a Bing search, focus less on the lengthy content and more on the site links. Each internal page of your site should have good keywords and quality anchor text in order to ensure good visibility in Bing’s search engine. Make sure your page titles are fully optimized to receive a ranking boost.

Bing’s quick preview feature lengthens the description of each page and provides a few tidbits of information including phone numbers, e-mail, physical address, and internal links as part of the preview. In order to maximize your SEO efforts on Bing, it makes sense to include these details in the right place.

You want your business to be optimized for every search engine, no matter the differences in the algorithms. To do this right, you need to establish a comprehensive strategy up front to ensure that site structure and content hierarchy are properly addressed.

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