SEO 101

SEO, or search engine optimization, can feel like a confusing and complicated marketing concept.

The frequently changing nature of Google algorithm updates, keyword targets, and digital marketing guidelines makes keeping SEO relevant an ongoing challenge. Busy marketers may find themselves too overwhelmed to do all the research needed to keep on top of the game.

SEO beginners will greatly benefit from the SEO resources we have compiled. You will find a collection of tips and tricks, all ordered to ensure a natural learning progression as you increase your SEO experience.

The first step is finding out exactly what you want to do with your SEO knowledge. What services will be most effective on your site, and how can SEO help you implement them? Once you’ve answered that question, you will find a variety of SEO services available for your use, from ranking issues to deficiencies.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research allows us to reduce the number of available keywords so we can choose the most relevant and compelling keywords for your site.

Ranking Factors

According to some reports, Google uses approximately 200 different factors when determining site ranking in a search engine.


Google hosts many marketing tools, which, when utilized correctly, will lead to improved conversion rates and rankings.


Whether for conferencing, training, or advertising, companies can appeal to a much wider audience by taking advantage of the video tool provided by Google through YouTube.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles uses visual queries instead of text or language to scan its database and match your image with one holding similar characteristics.

Google Wallet

Google’s mobile payment system, Google Wallet, lets users store a variety of financial data securely on their mobile device.


While SEO services on Yahoo! are primarily based on Google’s website ranking techniques, it’s important to differentiate between the search engine particularities of each separate search engine.


SEO for Bing focuses more on a website that is informational and relevant to the search audience.