Link Building

Link building is an essential part of any online marketing strategy.

The quality of your back links has a direct effect on search engine placement and keyword effectiveness. Regardless of the type of industry you are in, the Salient Marketing has the experience and the dedication to build your links the right way.

We can help you with:

Link Development Strategies:

No matter where you’re at in your link-building strategy, Salient Marketing can help you create a customized plan for finding new link opportunities. If you have a team in place and are happy with your progress so far, we will perform a comprehensive analysis of your current efforts and determine how best to move forward. We offer industry-specific plans centered around quality content, pitch opportunities, directory advice, profile management, and other suggestions all focused on improving your link building techniques for long term success.

Monthly Link Building Services:

If you’re just starting out and prefer an external team to do the link-building work for you, Salient Marketing in Ottawa has the experience and dedication it takes to do it right. We know how to research your industry and find the right high quality links that raise the reputation of your site. We can find opportunities for content creation, authority articles, worthwhile partnerships, social profile management, directory submissions, and other traditional PR techniques. We will provide a monthly report about our link-building progress, your rankings, and a detailed strategy for the upcoming month.

Link Evaluations:

If you are confident with your current link-building strategy but would like a one-time, external opinion on your methods, Salient Marketing is prepared to evaluate the strength of your present approach. Not only does this provide a level of accountability for your in-house team, it also allows us to offer a fresh perspective on untapped opportunities for your business. We can also offer ongoing evaluations to help you manage high-risk partnerships and negative SEO links.

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