At Salient Marketing in Ottawa our search engine optimization (SEO) services give your website the boost it needs to rise above the competition.

With 12 years of experience and a long list of clients who have benefitted from our expertise, Salient Marketing is prepared to put its SEO knowledge to work for you. We will do a comprehensive analysis of your marketing needs and your industry before crafting a proposal. We can help you manage your link development strategy and your on-page optimization and will provide you with a competitive plan that fits your business and your budget.

We will manage your SEO in every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. Each step of the way we will provide you the information you need to see how our services can take you to the next level. Our services are geared towards our clients and we are dedicated to helping to achieve your goals.

Our SEO Consulting services include:

SEO strategy development:

If you know your budget, we can create a customized plan to streamline your digital marketing strategy. Let us help you discover how SEO can bring you success.

Implementation guidelines:

If you have a plan in mind but aren’t sure how to establish a clear path to success, the experts at Salient Marketing can take you through it each step of the way. We know how to implement your ideas and navigate the rough spots as you achieve your goals.

Software recommendations:

Of the potentially thousands of choices you have when it comes to search marketing software solutions, it’s hard to know which one to choose for your business. We will take you through the options to determine what software will help you track and analyze the data in a way that is best for your business.

SEO audits:

A comprehensive audit of your site’s current performance allows us to find areas in need of improvement. We will offer industry-specific insight into what is working on your site, what isn’t, and how we can help you optimize those areas that are minimizing your effectiveness online.

Keyword research and analysis:

Effective keyword analysis requires more than recognizing basic buzzwords. At Salient Marketing, our SEO experts understand that keyword analysis requires a layered approach. Not only do we identify the important keywords that lead users to your site, we research user behavior to determine what strategies will most appeal to them.

Competitive analysis:

Knowing your competition is the first step in understanding how to rise above them. Let us analyze their on and off page strategies and other marketing techniques to determine how your website compares.

Link building audit:

No matter where you’re at in your link-building journey, Salient Marketing can help you determine the effectiveness of your current strategy. Whether you are looking for basic advice on building links or would like us to customize your future link-building activities, the experts at Salient Marketing are happy to help.

Link building:

There’s more to link-building than just attracting new users to your site. We will help you raise the quality of content on your website to a standard that encourages good link-building. Then we will create a customized strategy for content, pitches, and submissions that will help you build a foundation for long-term success.

Redesign guidance:

Even though your site may be doing well, a good redesign is in order from time to time. We can help you take your design strategy to the next level while making sure your users continue to be satisfied. When done right, a great redesign can generate more traffic and better performance overall.

Retainers for quality assurance:

You may be pleased with your SEO efforts and happy with the current status of your development team, but that doesn’t mean a comprehensive external audit can’t help bring your SEO to the next level. Let the consultants at Salient Marketing review your current strategy and give an honest opinion as you implement your new changes.

New hire reviews:

If you’ve hired a new employee or consultant but aren’t sure if his strategies are up to par, let us do the research to ease your fears. We can make sure your new hire is as committed to your company’s success as you are.