Benefits of SEO

No online marketing strategy is complete without good SEO. You want your business to rank as high as possible in various search engines. That means having the right keywords and phrases on your site. At Salient Marketing in Ottawa, we know that the more relevant your content is to individuals using the search engine, the more likely it is to appear when someone searches for your type of business. Proper phrasing and keywords is the easiest way to establish relevancy in content.

Good SEO will lead to:

Increased Traffic

Most people who run a search will click on the first few choices. Research shows that links that appear on the first page, and closer to the top, will receive most of the clicks and impressions. In order to capitalize on this, you need to make sure your site stays at the top. Keyword relevant meta descriptions and title tags are a major part of any SEO strategy, as they are more likely to catch a user’s attention and encourage a higher click through rate.


No matter if you are an ecommerce or non-ecommerce site, SEO can give you concrete results and analysis about your marketing strategies. You can track exactly what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to be improved. The accuracy of this data is paramount in discovering how to get the best return on your marketing investment. At Salient Marketing, we monitor everything about our SEO strategy. Conversions, ranking, and traffic are all important elements of digital marketing. Not only do we monitor basic information like clicks and sales, we keep track of which keywords were clicked before a sale, or which forms were filled out on your site. We stay on top of these numbers to make sure your online business presence is optimized.

Cost effectiveness

SEO stands out above other marketing strategies not only because of its high rate of success, but also because of it cost-effectiveness. When the right keywords and tags are in place, you know users found you because they are looking for a product or service like yours. This inbound strategy is far superior to costly cold-calling and other outbound strategies, which cost approximately 61% more to generate leads than optimized SEO.

Increased site usability

One of the biggest challenges to usability is navigation. If your site is hard to find in a search engine, and users have difficulty navigating your site once they reach it, you are less likely to rise in rankings and conversions. Effective SEO changes the architecture of the site and links so that each page within your site can be found more easily. When search engines can direct users to your site more efficiently, and users can experience a seamless experience once they get to your site, your rankings and conversions will increase.

Brand awareness

Studies show that companies who appear on the first page of a search engine not only get more clicks, they are seen as more trustworthy overall. Higher rankings inspire confidence that the link is relevant to the user. In order to increase your rankings and position in a search engine, your website needs targeted keywords that appeal to users. When your content is optimized, it will consistently rank higher, which in turn will increase consumer trust and confidence in your brand. The experts at Salient Marketing understand how important it is for our Ottawa clients to build a trusted brand in the community, and our techniques can make that goal a reality.