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Recorded Phone Calls

Easily Capture and Save your Important Calls

Recording calls is becoming more popular, and modern businesses who have a need to monitor calls can benefit from the eVoice Call Recording service. With the simple touch of a button, you can record and save incoming and outgoing calls, store them, and transfer files as needed.

Benefits of Call Recording for Business

  • Sales: Content-heavy conversations are difficult to record on paper. Chances are, no matter how good your notetaking, you’ll forget to note an important element of the call. If you want to optimize your sales ability, recording your calls makes it easy to focus on the call itself, and review the content in detail later.
  • Customer Service: Recording calls can minimize customer disputes by providing accurate evidence of any phone call between customers and employees of your company.
  • Regulatory Compliance: If you are active in a heavily regulated industry, recording calls can provide evidence of your compliance on any number of subjects, ensuring you’re your business is secure and protected.

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