Godaddy Email Marketing

As a popular domain-registration and web-hosting service, Go Daddy offers a variety of options for businesses owners looking to establish a solid email marketing campaign.

Go Daddy’s Express Email Marketing allows businesses to create newsletters, coupons, and information about events to send to contact lists. You can also separate your contacts if you’re looking to send different promotions to different contacts.

Offering hundreds of template designs and customization strategies, you can create and launch an email campaign that represents the pride you have in your company.

Go Daddy’s email templates let you change colors, fonts, images, and links so it is truly customized to your needs. While some of these applications can be tricky to manage, the experts at Salient Marketing are prepared to guide you through the process. We can help you add detailed marketing information, attachments, and keyword optimized subject lines.

When it comes time to analyze your efforts, Go Daddy provides detailed analytics regarding your views, clicks, demographics, and user activity. This information is essential for tweaking your campaign moving forward. You also have the option to filter your results to achieve specific data on your subscribers.

As experts in email marketing strategies, Salient Marketing knows how to turn a Go Daddy email campaign into a successful lead-generating technique, which has a direct effect on your revenue and brand recognition.