Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are an essential part of an overall marketing strategy.

Our Ottawa clients understand the importance of reaching out to potential customers through this popular digital format, which is why they turn to us for guidance when launching a new campaign.

At Salient Marketing, we know how to find the right audience and build your email list. We have 12 years’ experience in building subscriber lists for our local clients, and we are experts at generating the right kind of content and generating legitimate leads.

With our multi-layered approach, we can:

  • Boost lead generation and expand your reach to consumers in Ottawa
  • Generate upselling and cross-selling scenarios designed to succeed
  • Create relevant and timely content aimed at attracting consumers

Our Services

The first step in any email campaign is detailed testing to determine the best content and subject lines that will appeal to your target audience. At Salient Marketing, we provide you:

  • Customized Campaigns developed by tracking visitor behavior
  • Email list breakdown and segmentation, this translates into identifying customers by demographics, such as, age, gender, [content – service – product] interests, Geo-location within the Ottawa region and so on.
  • Constant monitoring and strategy development for improving the performance of the email campaign
  • Strict adherence to Anti- Spam Laws. We follow all guidelines for compliance.