Constant Contact

Our email campaign services are geared towards Ottawa small businesses who want to reach out to clients in an engaging and successful manner. Constant Contact offers comprehensive email plans for offline businesses who want to reach out to consumers online.


  • Drag and drop editing
  • More than 400 customizable email templates
  • Social media integration
  • Multiple app integration options
  • Ability to change the “From” name within one account
  • Automatic duplicate check and unsubscribe removal
  • Support via phone, email, chat, online FAQs, videos, and tutorials
  • A complete set of email list management features
  • Free 30 day trial

What Constant Contact lacks:

  • Autoresponders
  • Customization features

Like other email providers, Constant Contact offers different prices designed to fit your needs. Depending on the number of contacts you have, Constant Contact has a plan that will work for you.

At Salient Marketing, we understand that not all of our clients are fully web-based. If you want a simple and straightforward option for launching an email campaign, contact us and let us show you how Constant Contact can provide you the platform you need for a successful email service.