The Importance of a Verified Google My Business Profile

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Google My Business is the perfect tool to help your business get noticed by your audience in the immensity of Google search results. Launched in 2014, GMB makes it easier to bring your clients to your doorstep. It unifies the information available about a specific enterprise in all Google platforms, including search and maps.

In this article, you will learn more about GMB and the importance of having a verified profile.

How does Google My Business work?

Whenever you search for something, the Google algorithm identifies some commercial references and presents nearby related places. For example, if you’re in Ottawa and search for pizza shops, Google will show you some pizza shops near your location. The search will deliver results that are defined by a few criteria, such as relevance, distance and popularity.
GMB allows information such as:
• Location on Google Maps;
• Address, phone number, e-mail address, and website;
• Opening hours;
• Clients’ comments;
• Photos;
• The businesses’ social media profiles.
With all this information in one place, it is easier for clients to choose your business.

Why is it important to verify my GMB profile?

Now that you are familiar with Google My Business, it’s time to understand why it is so important to verify your profile.

To manage your information

First of all, if you don’t verify your profile, you won’t be able to control the information about your business. Before letting you edit the information about a company, Google will have to check if you are authorized to manage the profile and will also check your business’ address. Verifying your profile is the only way to decide what information Google will show about your business.


According to GMB, companies with verified profiles have twice as much credibility compared to companies that don’t have a verified Google My Business profile.

Information about your clients

With a verified GMB profile, you will be able to understand your clients and audience better. The Google tool gives you data about:
• How and when people searched for your business;
• How many people called your business through the phone number in your profile;
• How many people visited your website from the search result;
• How many people looked for the map route to your business.

Increases your reach

With Google My Business, your company can be on the first search page and Google Maps, which gives you more visibility.

You can create a dialogue with your audience

With a verified profile, you will be able not only to see and be notified about your clients’ comments but also to respond to them. Nowadays, customers ‘ reviews are important not only to new customers but also for the Google Algorithm itself. A business that has more google reviews have more advantage when it comes to ranking in search pages.

Google My Business is an essential resource for managing your information on the internet, attracting customers and standing out on the internet. With it, you have free publicity that doesn’t depend on SEO techniques, and that places your business on the first page of Google.