Changing Your Address and SEO Rankings

Relocating your business is a major undertaking.  In all of the disruption, don’t overlook SEO changes to make sure your clients and potential customers can still find you easily and quickly.  Here are a few suggestions. Update your website – First on the agenda is to be sure all changes are completed in a timely… Continue reading Changing Your Address and SEO Rankings

Strategies for Local SEO Success

Small, local entrepreneurs need to be diligent in their efforts to code Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to be sure their Ottawa business information will be among the search engine results pages (SERPs) and prominently displayed.  SEOs can be confusing, and even more so for the small business owners.  The best plans include: Local Places… Continue reading Strategies for Local SEO Success

Local SEO and Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in local markets is becoming more difficult.  Google now only lists three choices in local packs, as opposed to the seven previously.  If you want your local Ottawa SEO to be effective, you will need to be sure you are in that top three. Local companies rely on SEOs to have… Continue reading Local SEO and Ranking Factors

Building Relationships on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be very effective for your business when used properly and it all begins with your LinkedIn profile. Are you showing up in the search results? If not, you are missing out on new opportunities with potential clients. In order to generate more sales through LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so people… Continue reading Building Relationships on LinkedIn

Using Instagram for Business

Using this network for business is also easy although when marketing your brand, posting may require more thought. You need to define your products and services and share content and images with your following. It’s extremely important to be engaging and interact with your community. Before advertising your brand, know exactly what you do. Choose… Continue reading Using Instagram for Business

Why online reviews matter

You know generally that online reviews are important for your business, and you may even know that they are becoming more imperative every day. But with all the day-to-day business priorities you manage, how important are they, really, for you? Answer: A lot. A great info-graphic just came out on this topic with some great statistics to… Continue reading Why online reviews matter

Choosing the Right WordPress Template

Today many company websites are designed on a WordPress theme. WordPress is considered to be the top content management system available and is more affordable than ordering a custom template designed to your specifications. Have you decided which theme is right for your business? If you know your audience well, you’ll also make an educated… Continue reading Choosing the Right WordPress Template

Facebook Fans Rate Posts

Facebook is now asking people to rate posts using a five-star scale. People will be rating the post on how interesting it was for them to read. Once Facebook collects feedback, they will use ratings to grow and improve content displayed in the News Feed section. Asking fans directly what they would like to see… Continue reading Facebook Fans Rate Posts

Optimizing Twitter Content for Mobile

Mobile Twitter users want quality tweets such as company promotions, product reviews and directions. Those who use mobile Twitter don’t have much time to waste on poor tweets with no links, photos or valuable content. The better the content, the more users will be engaged.  Author: A. Sarna Source: Innovation Insights

LinkedIn Updates and Changes

LinkedIn members are now able to upload images, documents, presentations and other kinds of files to their status updates. This new feature will allow users to visually showcase their professional stories on their profile and homepage to be shared with their connections. Uploading content is simple for users. The process is quite similar to uploading… Continue reading LinkedIn Updates and Changes