Building Relationships on LinkedIn

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Building Relationships on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Salient Marketing

LinkedIn can be very effective for your business when used properly and it all begins with your LinkedIn profile. Are you showing up in the search results? If not, you are missing out on new opportunities with potential clients.

In order to generate more sales through LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so people can easily find you. People need to know you’re a part of LinkedIn in order to connect with you. You need to figure out the most appropriate keywords to include in your profile so you will come up in search results. It’s best to avoid using words like ‘’Owner’’ or ‘’Founder.’’Instead, try to think of words your clients would use to search you.

It is also important to give prospects a reason to connect with you. It’s not enough to just show up in search results, you want to make people interested in your business. This starts with a compelling headline which grabs their attention and makes people want to click on your name. A good mix between an attention-grabbing statement and a couple of keywords is important. If you are a business that provides services to a local area, you may even want to include your location in your headline.

Make sure you have a professional headshot to complement your headline. When people don’t include a picture on their page, others may wonder if that person is still active on the site or if it could be a spammer. People want to know who they are connecting with. Without a profile image, people will be less likely to click on your name.

You can also include keywords in the summary section which should be client-focused. Begin the summary with a short bio, talk about past assignments and make the rest speak to your target market. Also, be sure to end your summary section with a call-to-action.

When connecting with people, always include a personal message, even if you don’t know the person and just want to expand your network of connections. You should also make it a point to accept connect invites, unless they appear spam-like.

Remember to follow up with new connections by thanking them for connecting with you. You can later offer them something of value, like a free sample of your product or service.
Use these tips to build a strong relationship with your LinkedIn network!

Author: A. Sarna

Source: Social Media Examiner