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Choosing the Right WordPress Template

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Today many company websites are designed on a WordPress theme. WordPress is considered to be the top content management system available and is more affordable than ordering a custom template designed to your specifications.

Have you decided which theme is right for your business? If you know your audience well, you’ll also make an educated decision on what theme is best for your site.

Some WordPress themes are restrictive. This means that adding new features later on might be a complicated process. If you are planning on extending your theme, you should think about choosing a simple one that provides a variety of styles and layouts for pages.

When deciding on a theme, it’s always good to shop around. There are many themes to choose from. It’s worth spending some time searching on different sites for the theme that best suits your line of work. Since there are so many to choose from, it’s quite likely that you’ll find one which provides the features you’re looking for.

Before shopping around, a good suggestion is to build a list of the required features and the ‘nice to have’ ones. Pages that you’d require might include the about and contact pages. They are both essential for your online presence.

Often themes have reviews as well. Going through these reviews and finding ones that talk about the technical features of the theme and maybe even the user friendliness is the best way to go.

After choosing a plain simple layout, you will probably want to modify it later on adding a bit of a customized feel. Keep in mind your theme is representing your business.

Another good idea is to Google the theme authors name and find out what other themes they’ve created. Read up on what others thought about them. Most theme developers will have created many themes in the past, unless they are new to the game.

Make sure the theme you choose has good documentation.  Good documentation should contain information on how to complete most theme functions. It could be on how to change the site colour or how to add in a new text section.

Website support is the most important. There are some theme developers who do not provide any support at all. Having good support or access to a developer is quite handy. Keep in mind that dealing with developers individually can be an additional expense.

Author: A. Sarna

Source: Stuffed Web