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Quick Tips for Increasing Engagement on Social Media

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Using calls to action in your posts is an essential part of your social media marketing. Social media gets people talking and you and your business. It is a tool that allows businesses to engage with their audience in a cost-effective way. A call to action can be something like asking a question or encouraging feedback from a recent Facebook post. Inviting a fan to share your posts is another good example of social media. Another main focus should be to engage your following with fresh, frequent and quality content. If the content is good, people will be more inclined to sharing, commenting and liking it on Facebook and other social media platforms. Be generous with your content. Useful content will separate you from your competition.

Even great content can sometimes be missed on social media, so offering subscriptions will ensure your content gets seen. Delivering daily or weekly newsletters to your subscriber’s inbox is quite effective.

Author: A. Sarna

Source: Social Media Examiner