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Generate Leads Through Blogging

Blogging Salient Marketing

Are you a blogger? Do you have unique, fresh content to share with your readers? There are different areas on your blog that you can introduce readers to calls to action such as free trials in the footer section. If you publish a newsletter, you can also interest people in signing up for it on the sidebar or in a top bar section.

While reading a blog post, your readers may not notice a header or sidebar.  If they are impressed by the content and your writing style, then they may want to find a sign-up section for your newsletter. One major tip is to place opt-in forms in different locations throughout the site and blog.

Creating free and downloadable content is also a key attraction. They say free content is a lead generator. It’s important to use calls to action that are relevant to your target audience.

When you create a popup form that appears as soon as someone clicks on your site, you’re going to draw more attention to it. Popups are now widely used today. Some people may find them to be annoying or spam-like, however, if they are easy to close, most people won’t make an issue out of it.

It is important to set some time aside and review this kind of marketing strategy to see if it is effective for your business.

Author: A. Sarna