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May 29, 2013
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Quick Updates For Your Facebook Page

Salient Marketing Facebook Page

Cover Image

Are you maximizing your page’s cover image? On the cover photo, you can display your web address, a call to action and details about the business. Keep in mind, however, the text cannot be more than 20% of the cover image area. When designed properly, cover photos create a new opportunity to communicate and engage with your visitors.

Profile Image

How strong is your profile photo? Your profile image is used whenever you post an update on your page, and  is also the first thing users see when looking through posts in their news feed. Choose a profile photo that is creative, but still clear and easily recognizable.


Under your profile image, there is room for a brief description of what you do. This is a good space to outline your business and include your website address. New visitors to the page will likely notice an active link in your description and hopefully choose to visit your web page to learn more.


In the About section on your page, be sure to also fill in the Company Overview, Description, General Information and Mission sections. It’s important to fill in these additional areas because the About area is indexed by search engines. This is a good opportunity to incorporate your keywords into your Facebook page.


Have you thought about reviewing your business category? If your business has a physical location, be sure to update your Facebook Page category to a Local Business. Having a business address will allow your customers to check in to your location. This is also helpful to raise awareness about your business and check-ins can be part of graph search results. This means that if a Facebook user were to search for a café in Ottawa that his friends have been to, check-ins will be part of the search results.


It’s important to know who is in control of your Page. If your company page on Facebook has a few different administrators, you need to make sure those people are actively contributing to the page and more importantly, are still part of your team. Another thing to note is the role each person has and if it is accurate. Roles should be based on the person’s involvement in the business.

Author: A. Sarna

Source: Social Media Examiner