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May 21, 2013
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Three Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Salient Marketing Social Media Mistakes

One common mistake is focusing on how many fans you have on your Facebook business pages rather than the quality of your community. If you have a large number of followers on your social media, you need to make sure they are constantly talking about and sharing your content with their connections, otherwise it won’t benefit your business.

2. Which Social Media?

Many companies have too many channels or profiles to deal with. Even though social media is widely spread out these days, focusing on two or three accounts should be more than enough to get your message across the board. Can you realistically keep your fans engaged if you are active on every social network?

3. Not just Promotional Content

Companies can become boring if they constantly talk about themselves.  Of course, you want to sell your products and services, but you should also create and share content that is suitable to your target audience, without pushing sales. Also, making sure your audience is asking questions and responding to comments shows they are engaged with your posts. We see this kind of engagement especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: A. Sarna

Source: Social Media Today