Creating YouTube Videos for Your Small Business

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November 16, 2012
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Creating YouTube Videos for Your Small Business

YouTube Videos Salient Marketing

Businesses of any size will require a promotional video at some point for their social media and internet marketing projects. Some business professionals hire videographers to shoot their promo videos. If your business is smaller scale, and you don’t have a large budget for a production company, creating your own video is an affordable option.

 If you’re going to create your own promo video for YouTube, the planning is the most important part. To begin, creating a script may be the best option. Having one will ensure you make all of your key points. It will also make sure the people presenting will know their part and how to deliver it to the viewer.

 If the video is advice on how to use a website for example, there should be a combination of discussion and instructions to ensure the viewer’s will know how to properly use that site.

 Paying close attention to how the camera is positioned and how the speakers will appear is also quite important. In photography, the ‘’rule of thirds’’ is a key element for producing a quality image. It is essentially positioning the people in the image off centre, meaning they will be shifted towards the right or left side of the camera, which will create a pleasing look to the human eye, as opposed to having the person presenting right in the middle of the frame.

 Including slides or other examples in your promo video can also be important depending on what kind of business it is and if you’re promoting a product or service.

 When shooting any kind of video for business marketing, timing is a major factor. It’s important to note the most viewers on YouTube do not have a long attention span. A typical promo video should be 2-3 minutes long. The presenter should get their point across within the specified time frame to prevent viewers from drifting away from your video.

 Equipment is the next step. It is advisable to invest in a Digital SLR camera that shoots 1080p HD video or a camcorder of the same quality. Shooting in a well-lit environment and with lenses that are designed to perform in low-light situations is also essential to produce a quality video.

 Shoot like a professional, and you will achieve the results you want for your business!

Author: A. Sarna

Source: Entrepreneur